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Authenticity: Follow Up On Solitaire Style Pens


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Those two obvious fake Solitaire style pens that sold on ebay.com 390795615993 and 321349585869 actually sold to the same buyer who has now received them and left feedback saying they are super rare and super nice. Still each to their own I suppose.


Maybe he was Japanese as they arrived very quickly. However, I can't see his full ebay name in the feedback he left. Is that just me or are they always obscured even in feedback left or received? I know we can never see who they are during bidding, but I thought we could see them when they leave feedback.

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eBay for quite some time been protecting the buyers and such to such an extent to hopefully encourage more buyers without fear. This includes of course removing the ability for sellers to leave a buyer a negative feedback (since like 2007, which is just one of the reasons why I rarely sell there).


Also when I won something I had a friend check out the feedback listing or bid listing, where my ebay name is karlblessingion, but when he looked it was something like z***e with the correct feedback score. So not only do they hide the name, they also obscure the beginning and end as not to match up with your actual username.


But yes, for the buying end, it's obscure to everyone except the seller.

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I am probably one of the minority who think it was a good idea for ebay to not allow sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers.


I was a buyer where the seller selected to 'not perform as a seller' as the price realised for the auction item wasn't high enough for her to sell it. So I left her negative feedback and got a negative feedback in return for no reason other than the fact that I bid, paid immediately, and waited for my item. So there are two sides to every ebay action. I guess if buyers pay then they don't deserve negative feedback, and many were peeved they were receiving it.

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