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Parker "51" Vacumatic Breather Tube Length


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I have a very simple question: What should the length of a Parker "51" Vac Breather tube be? The one I have in my pen (standard size "51" Vac) right now is about 28mm long, with only about 15mm sticking out of the end of the collector. The pen takes about 1.2 mL of ink, which is slightly low in my opinion (considering this is a "51" Vac). I guess a longer tube would allow for a better ink fill, but how long should that be, in order for it not to touch with the rubber diaphragm when the later is extended? Thank you!





Edit: Also, where can I get this sort of tubing in Europe? Preferably at a low cost (it's just a plastic tube after all!)

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I don't have one in bits at the moment to check but from memory I think the tube sticks out around 20 to 25mm.


You can often get suitable size plastic tube from model shops.


You could check the maximum length by depressing the plunger and the measuring from the barrel edge to top of plunger with a thin rod. Then deduct the length the section goes in the barrel plus a couple of mm for safety.


Hope this has been help.



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