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Clipbook: Legal-Style, Loose Leaf, Magnetic, Book/clipboard Mashup


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As much as I wanted it to work for me, I couldn't get into the Staples Arc. Being used to spiraled legal pads I had a hard time with the ARC's discs blocking my hand. I wanted something customizable with my own printed templates, legal pad style, and looking a bit more elegant than just a clipboard.


Poking around online I found a Kickstarter project that got funded, went into production, and looked interesting enough for me to purchase one to try out. Should be here in about 7-10 days. Anybody else have one of these and have an opinion?




It only holds about 25-30 sheets of paper (I'm assuming with 32# it will be less), but that is likely all I'll need for daily notes until I archive into binders. They say that they are making new version that will hold a traditional legal pad which will likely hold more loose leaf, but I haven't seen that yet to confirm.



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