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Hi friends!


I've been gradually getting deeper and deeper into this world o' fountain pens since giving my first Lamy Safari a shot two years ago. I finally wrote a post on my own blog about the hobby and what fountain pens mean to me and why I like them, which necessitated some pictures. So I busted out my camera and tried to get all pretty-like with some of my gear.


All of what you see below is also in the blog post. Hope you enjoy these first attempts. Feedback and advice greatly appreciated.


And thanks to all for the mountains of info I've gleaned as a long-time lurker here on FPN. Wouldn't have enjoyed the beginnings of this fanaticism wonderful hobby without you all!


-The Idle Expatter (AKA Steve B.)



My overall favorite ink, J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite.




The Rouge H. again with (the reverse side of) a sheet of Crane & Co. triple hairline




My Faber-Castell e-motion in pearwood, a bottle of Iroshizuku kon-peki, and my custom-made journal from Bibliographica (on Etsy)




A random dip pen and a bottle of J. Herbin vert reseda




Iroshizuku kon-peki, enjoying some fresh air and sunlight (don't worry, only long enough to take the picture)




My Kaweco Student (underrated gem of a pen, by the way!) and another handmade Bibliographica journal, this one called "The Nomad"




Kaweco Student, Bibliographica "Nomad" journal, an orange Leuchtturm1917 dot pocket notebook, and an unlabeled bottle of Caran d'Ache Storm




B for me




Wordsworth in red (J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite, out of a Lamy with a 1.5mm italic)

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J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite seems to have a cult following. :wub:


Sure does! That cult following is what led me to try it to begin with, and as soon as I put some down on the page, I was hooked. No zealot like a convert.

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