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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Morita Exclusive


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On a recent trip to Osaka, Japan I decided to stop by Mr. Morita's fountain pen shop. I picked up a Sailor Professional Gear in a wonderful "robin's egg blue" color that was specially made by Sailor for the Morita Pen Shop. From the photos online, I didn't think the color looked like a "must-have" but when I saw it in person it grew on me really quickly. I noticed a serious lack of decent photos of this pen online so I thought I'd upload some shots that try and show the lovely color of this exclusive pen.


For more info and photos, feel free to check out my blog post here: http://inklode.com/2014/02/28/the-morita-original-pro-gear-slim/





Thanks for looking!

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I have one of the full sized pens for sale if there is any interest.

In this color?

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Yes, indeed.

Well, color me interested. Let's take this to PMs?

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It's a very nice pen. I have the slim mini version which you can see in my avatar.



Stolen: Aurora Optima Demonstrator Red ends Medium nib. Serial number 1216 and Aurora 98 Cartridge/Converter Black bark finish (Archivi Storici) with gold cap. Reward if found. Please contact me if you have seen these pens.

Please send vial orders and other messages to fpninkvials funny-round-mark-thing gmail strange-mark-thing com. My shop is open once again if you need help with your pen.

Will someone with the name of "Jay" who emailed me through the email system provide me an email address? There was no email address provided, so I can't write back.


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