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My First Vintage Shaeffer


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Visited the local antique shops in our village. Had never looked since I've gotten into fountain pens. Didn't know if they would have anything or not. Found a number of older ink bottles (mostly Waterman's), all empty, but still useful. But I did find the Shaeffer school pen and pencil set for $5.







Attempt at a close-up of the nib. It's hard to see but the tines look a bit misaligned, but doesn't seem to have effected the writing. Dipped it in some ink just to see and it writes very well. Soaking in some water now. Had an empty Shaeffer Skrip cartridge of washable blue in it so it should soak out.


It says "Shaeffer's" on the clip. "Shaeffer's - Made in U.S.A." etched into the plastic at the bottom of the barrel. And "Shaeffer U.S.A." on the nib.


Thanks to all those who've posted pics etc in the past. It helped me learn a lot about these pens.

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Looks like a nice set to me, should be a nice writer.


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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