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Got three more Sheaffer pens today.


1951 Touchdown Admiral in Evergreen Green with a Feather Touch Nib (14K Gold + Platinum Plating)

1947-1949 Craftman in Persian Blue with a Sheafer #33 14K Nib

Late 60s/Early 70s Student Pen with a "F" Steel Nib, using it eye-dropper style with Noodler's Upper Ganges Blue

1953 Snorkel Admiral in Black with a Medium 14K Gold Nib.


The Touchdown and Snorkel were completely restored by Sean Nicholson (The Touchdown was sold to me by him).

The Craftman I won off ebay has been polished and replaced with a new sac (and Talc'd... not sure why that's needed).

The Student Pen came along for the ride with the Touchdown. (It's actually much smoother than I expected, though not quite "fine" on the line width, the craftsman writes finer, with the touchdown being the finest. ).



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Very nice.


My very first FP I remember was that Blue Sheaffer school pen.


I keep my eyes open for a clean one but all I see are priced crazy high. I think I remember the card with pen and 5 carts was .99.

I promptly lost a Parker 51 Demi my Dad gave me (I was about 13 and clueless to what it was) mainly because I thought it was stodgy

and boring compared to that cool Sheaffer. :yikes:


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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The Snorkel is '54 or later. This, it appears, is when Aust. snorkel production began.


According to Sean it's '53 based on the internals when he restored it. It has no stamp on the barrel either (as if never had one).

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Not sure why I thought the nib said Aust.!! Yes, the early internals are different.


:P No biggie, here's a larger view (the original 12MP)



But yea on the Snorkel it's







(fuzzy) M2

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