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Can't Make Up My Mind...which Pilot W/ Po Nib?


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Hi there,

This is one of my most prolonged pen related decisions.
Fist I wanted to try a Platinum UEF, but it is out of stock nearly everywhere. Then I was about to hit the buy button for a Century EF, but couldn't made up my mind whether to get the Bourgogne or the Chartres Blue. Finally decided to go for the Blue EF, and it is again out of stock.
After these an other thing came to my mind, the Pilot PO nib.
I though it'll be easier to choose. HAHA!!!! NO....

Custom Heritage 912, Custom 742? or the 743 worth the difference?
Do I like the flat ends of the Heritage more than the more classic cigar shape?
The rhodium plated parts of the 912 are appealing though....

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I have the 743. 742 and 912. My 912 has the PO nib. I prefer the 912. The size is great and I prefer silver over gold trim. I don't think the 743 is worth the increase in price. You get a bigger nib but the pen is bigger too so the overall effect is the same. The large #15 nib on the 743 isn't (in my view) better. For the price of a 743 you can get 1 1/2 912s. I found the 912 to be a comfortable fit for the average hand. You'll love the PO nib too.

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This is not going to help, given Faisel's post above, but I have the 742 and the 912 as well, and whilst I usually prefer rhodium trim, I actually prefer the 742. It is such a classic looking pen, supremely balanced and the #10 nib suits it prefectly. It is a very comfortable fit in my hand.


Both pens are great - is there any chance you can try them out? Even if it's just to see them IRL and try for fit to your hand?

Verba volant, scripta manent

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Thank you very much for both of you! I really appreciate your comments!
Faisel, I'm kind of happy about what you said about the 743 actually.
Sadly I don't know any shop what would actually carry these pens here. I'm going back and forth between photos and reviews of the 912 and 742.
I like the rhodium trim and the plated nib, but I'm not sure which shape I prefer.
I feel like Vicy Pollard a bit.....yeah, but no, but yeah, but......crazy.
Maybe I should just flip a coin or something....

May I ask if you could post a photo of the two next to each other?

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