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Hey guys!

Just wondering what the best looking pen you've ever seen is?

Pictures would be great too!



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There are so many beautiful pens, it is very hard to narrow the selection down.

However, limiting the scope to pens I own, it is a toss up between these two:


Omas Arlecchino




Namiki Emperor Vermillion Urushi



Best Regards, greg

Don't feel bad. I'm old; I'm meh about most things.

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Michel Perchin Blue Serpent


Visconti Divina Desert Falls


Pelikan M620 Place de la Concorde


Deodorant can't fix ugly.

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The Blue Knight

The Limited Edition Rotring Tintenkuli




Edited by top pen
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The Limited Edition Rotring Tintenkuli




Hmm, that is indeed goodlooking.






Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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either the pelikan m215 rings or the pelikan m101n Lizard edition. I sometimes just stare at mine. Both are classically styled, elegant and sophisticated. All while being functional and great for daily use. I love the contrast of the rhodium plated furniture next to the dark surface of the body and caps. Gorgeous pens all around and I wouldn't trade mine for anything.

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I presume the best looking pen *that I own* will suffice.


Every pen I own, to me, has it's own outer beauty or I wouldn't have bought it.


I would say that at least these 5 cause me just as much Wow. Sigh. as the day I bought them.




Kullock Aero 51 in Parker Blue Centennial material, Octanium nib set up Exactly like I like.





One of my Blue Streaker Esterbrook J's, with a Pendleton Point 9668 CI in it.




Probably have to toss in my Pel M600 Baby Ocean Blue in there, Masuyama CI from a M nib.




Parker Blue Stripe Duofold




(I apologize up front for the horrid pic.)

I can't let my stock 51's go totally unrepresented, so let's end with my Bloody Brit Burgundy Aero with the Rolled

Silver cap.


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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I've actually seen a MontBlanc Diamond Solitaire Meisterstück in real life. It was UGLY like a jewel infested buttplug.

I've seen Namiki Emperors on display...pretty..yeah very pretty.

But the most beautiful pen I feel is the LAMY 2000


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Bo Bo Olson

As a child and young lad, it was what was advertized on B&W TV and the best magazines the King of Pens, the Snorkel or the Prince the P-51. I was going to get one of them when I got my first job......took 55 years.


When I first arrived in Germany in 1964, Pelikan was ugly, MB 146-9 were clunky- over priced too. Why they wanted as much for one of them, with only gold plated trim as a rolled gold trimmed Snorkel. :headsmack: You have to realize that was when The Dollar was Almighty, and the only reason one bought a Benz was it made a Diesel motor that could get 600,000 to perhaps a million miles on it.....It was not a car you went any where fast with. The dollar was 4 to 1 vs the German DM.

It was only when the dollar fell to next to useless, that status demanded buying the suddenly more expensive than US cars.


About 20 years ago, I was in the States and rented a Lincoln Town Car...it had everything standard, including a driver's seat that rotated out. 7 level wiper, told you how hot it was outside...hugely adjustable seat. Price?? About as much as a hopped up VW. Only 1990's $35,000....as much as the cheap small E modle Benz with nothing in it out side a standard radio.....and with 360 horses more powerful than any Benz. Parked it next to a 7 BMW that was a yard short of being a full sized car. Fully equipped...vs anything but a spare tire is extra on a Benz.

It was too Cheap for the Status driven.

Same thing with the suddenly popular MB, which in my childhood in the States was never even advertized.


@1971 I bought a classic elegant P-75. :puddle: One Man, One Pen.... One Pen for a lifetime...top of the line for the world. Period!

Expensive...25 real silver dollars. Price silver today.


I also have a modern MB Virginia Woolf that is very pretty with a most beautiful solid gold nib, that I can see the bling of the nib, but you sitting across from me can't.


I have an Italian Columbus that would make it in everyone's top 5 most beautiful pens.


Geha 725, :puddle: :drool: (early '60's to '72) a most sleek, tapered, classic, almost bauhaus rolled gold trimmed, with two small gold disks on top and bottom, a clip where two lines make it one of the most classic of clips, and a beautiful inlaid nib. Black and gold. It was the pen Geha set out to catch MB with, and stomped MB into a mud puddle with. Very quite top class. Understated....that really pictures don't quite show how pure classic it is. Oh, got a real fine semi-flex F on it too.

For years my best non-oblique pen....could be in a fight with the B nib of a 400N.....hummm, the 725 is in rotation, the tortoise 400N is in the pen box. :happyberet:


Yes, it beats the Snorkel. Any MB, much less Pelikan....well outside the Toledo.

German vintage '50-70 semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation. Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

 https://www.peter-bo...cts/nib-systems,..Bock nib factory.


The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.




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Dear Lord, forgive me for this post:



Yikes--this pic made me go cross-eyed...! I admire your aesthetic fortitude. That said, I do own the fearsome Schrade tactical pen and, I have to admit, it's a decent and reliable writer. Not exactly fair of aspect though...only a mother could love that...

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In this similar thread I have made the following post some years ago and I still stand to it:



I like the craftsmanship of the German Stefan Fink with his Albatros-pen.
Unfortunately it is too expensive for my liking (>1200€), so I stick with the Pilot Myu 701...

some images (the bottom pen)http://www.schreibenmitstil.de/img/auswahl9.jpg



It's a nice combination of metal and wood, with liveliness of the wooden structure, but really restraint in form and flow of the lines. Quite a thoughtful and harmonious design.
You can have a look at the different available woods here:




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the best looking pen ever is one that someone else in the room is writing with and enjoying...



Edited by torstar
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Apologies to all the purists . . . :blush:



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