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G. Lalo "parchemin" Parchment Paper - Thoughts?


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Hello friends.


I saw this paper at a local store this week when I went to buy Vergé de France. I chose the Vergé since I had been attached to the prospect of getting it for some time now, but it was interesting to see an alternative. For many people, the appeal of getting the Vergé in champagne or ivory is to reproduce a vintage look, but I suppose the parchment-style paper takes that a step further. It's extremely pricey at $15 for 20 sheets, but the number of sheets may not be an obstacle depending on the scope of one's project(s). Since I haven't opened the Vergé yet, I could exchange it next week if needed.


I'd just like to know if anyone has used it and has any opinions on quality, FP-friendliness (though I don't imagine this would be an issue), watermarking, the feel of the paper, etc. The latter is one of the reasons that I opted to stick with the Vergé, since I thought the extra 20 gsm of the Parchemin or some part of the manufacturing process could make it feel card stock-ish or more suitable for business or institutional use somehow. I wouldn't want to write a personal letter that looks and feels like a diploma or a fancy dinner menu.





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May I ask where you saw the paper? I notice that you give Toronto as a location.


The price makes me gulp a little but goodness knows that hasn't stopped me in the past...at least not for long...


I like parchment papers, it would be interesting to see the Verge version.

"Life would split asunder without letters." Virginia Woolf

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It was at Laywine's in Yorkville. I saw two left of the Parchemin. As a longtime Tintin fan, it was cool to see the big Tintin diorama they had in the front window, and the blonde lady working there was very pleasant.


As for the price, I may have been mistaken in that it could've been the 200 gsm Parchemin for $15, not the 120 gsm. I do vaguely recall seeing it as 120 though, but then I don't know why it was more than double the price per page compared to the Vergé.


As usual, the French G. Lalo site gives a pretty misleading representation through its pictures. Though one would expect them to look the same, the picture of the 120 gsm Parchemin looks smooth and yellowish, while the 200 gsm appears earthier in tone and rougher in texture, the latter of which I would prefer. In hindsight, I probably should've taken a closer look at the paper when I was there. Was too excited about the Vergé, I guess. Maybe I also should've looked for Vélin pur Coton just in case they had it, but that one is likely too smooth for my taste, anyway.


By the way, since FPN has loads of Toronto folk, if anyone knows a place that sells G. Lalo envelopes individually (any type in champagne, ivory, cream, or parchment would be fine), please let me know. I just need one and I can't afford a whole package of that stuff. I do know that The Papery down the road from Laywine's sells individual envelopes, but they don't look as nice as G. Lalo ones.

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I know and love Laywine's as a satisfied (nay, addicted) customer, and will look for the Parchemin paper the next time I'm there. How could I have missed that?? I did order some Velin de France pads from Laywine's a while ago - in my opinion it's somewhere between Clairfontaine and Verge de France in texture and writing experience.


Just one G. Lalo envelope?? That's like eating one salted peanut!! :) I have the blue envelopes in both sizes. If blue will do, PM me a mailing address and I'll send a couple to you, just tell me which size. Oh, I have the lavender ones too, the smaller size only. No ivory or cream, alas.

"Life would split asunder without letters." Virginia Woolf

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Oh, you know about the place. Also, Vélin de France and Vélin pur Coton are different things; the latter comes in a "cream" colour that may make a good alternative to ivory, champagne or parchment, but I've never seen it in person. I guess we're lucky to have access to some of these items locally, since they don't seem to be shown in Exaclair's catalog (for 2014 at least) or easily found online. For that matter, I can't find any feedback on the Parchemin here or anywhere else online. It's like nobody has ever tried or heard of it. I suppose the lack of information on it would make it a pretty big risk for a broke student like myself. I can't afford to be a guinea pig for stationery, as much as I'd like to be.


Thanks for the kind offer on the envelope, but for this project, I feel that G. Lalo's blue might throw off the more serious theme I'm aiming for. But, could you tell me if the larger blue envelopes (for A4 paper) are watermarked or branded somewhere on them? I'm going through a weird watermark obsession right now. I think the smaller envelopes with the triangular gummed flaps have an embossed "G. Lalo - Paris" marking, but all other variants do not? And maybe other colours of the same style don't either.


By now, I feel that I've turned this thread into more of a personal blog than a discussion about Parchemin. I apologize for that.

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The A4 blue envelopes have the same G. Lalo - Paris marking on the back. It's covered up when you seal the envelope though. Good luck with your project!

"Life would split asunder without letters." Virginia Woolf

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