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What Is This Paramount Pen?


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Hoping someone can enlighten me on this pen that came in a bundle that I won at Auction.


The imprint on the barrel is crisp and reads: Paramount - Made in England


The nib, which is a little bent, reads ' A Dickinson Product'


Other than that I can say very little. I've tried Googling but Paramount seems to also have been a name used by major manufacturers.


What is odd, and so may mean it is not original, is that the lever and cap ring are both gold tone and yet the clip is silver tone.


Were these nibs 14K ?


Any ideas would be most grateful.







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That nib looks like GP steel with a rolled tip

You could be right about the nib, it was supposed to be 14K like the rest, but I'm not so sure about that.

Have you heard of Paramount?

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Try Dickinson as the maker. I'm surprised someone from GB hasn't chimed in.

Thanks for that. I had found Croxley-Dickinson, but assumed if it were a Croxley pen that it would have a Croxley imprint, but you are probably right.

So following your advice and chasing the Dickinson link I found myself at Goodwriter's blog, and so left a message with her, if anyone can identify this little pen I'm sure she can.

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From the general layout of the pen is a Mentmore/ Platignum product manufactured in the 1930's. Post war their new streamlined pen was called the Paramount. Pre war it was probably one of their (many) sub brands.

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