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Weight Of The Sheaffers 300

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Hi there!


I just have a quick question: what's the approximate weight of the Sheaffer's 300 in grammes? Qualitatively, I know that's the heavisest pen I own, but I'd like to benchmark it before I set out to get/select new pens.


Many thanks!


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Personaly I still dont have one, but I found this specs of Shaeffer 300:


Specifications :-
Weight : 41g
Length with cap closed : 14.1cm
Length with cap posted : 15.4cm


Hope this can help you :)


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Oh awesome!


Thanks, this'll really help me guage if a pen is light enough for me. Thanks so much!

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Just put mine on the scale

Capped 41 g
Cap 24 g
Body with converter 18 g
Body empty 13 g
Converter 4 g
The cap is quite heavy so posting it will move the balance so far to the back that writing is a bit uncomfortable. This is rather odd because they paid special attention to posting with a contraption that makes the cap click in place when posted.
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My review of this pen published at another forum noted its centre of mass shifted significantly when posted: measured from the tip of the nib, pen only, 72mm, posted 104mm. This means for most people, the centre of mass is beyond the points of support by the hand, so it is always struggling to somersault over the back of your hand. Unless you have hands like Mohammad Ali I would not recommend posting it.

No, I am not going to list my pens here.

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