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Finding A Replacement For Filofax Flex Notebook Series


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Hey everyone.


I was disappointed to receive an email response from Filofax today that informed me that the Filofax FLEX series of notebooks/covers/accessories have been discontinued in the US. This is pretty crushing for me as I was quite into the series and have been using the notebooks almost exclusively since they introduced the line. The form factor was perfect for me, and I appreciated the modular design. The paper, although not as nice as Rhodia and/or Clairfontaine, was good enough that I really never thought about it while I wrote.


Notebook nerds will almost certainly have experienced a similar disappointment if a line you relied on has been discontinued. It becomes part of the ritual, a familiar place for ideas to expand. Having it disappear is like losing a limb. Okay, enough melodrama.


Ordering the notebooks from territories where they are still available is not really going to be an option because of how many I go through in a given year, and I am worried the whole system will be discontinued globally soon. So, I suppose I must replace the system.


I'm requesting recommendations from the community - what similar notebook systems in A5 size, with tight ruling (I think there are 32 lines per page in FLEX notebooks), do you recommend?


I was considering the Kokuyo Systemic A5 cover, or perhaps just trying the Kokuyo refills with my current Filofax cover. I looked at Rhodia A5 notebooks, but the ruling on them is too large for my tastes. Also considered other Japanese A5 notebooks as refills for the time being, like Life and Apica. Or, conversely, should I give up and just mechanically buy Moleskines, which are so ubiquitously available, for the stability? Would that just lashing out at myself for having trusted Filofax? Has Moleskine paper improved any? I seem to remember picking fragments out of my Pelikan medium nib a lot with those in the past.


Any suggestions would be welcomed. And be gentle. I'm emotionally distraught, here. :*(

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I am currently using an Apica lined notebook with my Flex. Absolutely wonderful paper. It has handled every ink and nib I've used so far.

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Thanks for the reply, TMac. I'll give them a shot, but I'll miss the jot pads and the pen loops, and really, just the feel of the whole system. Bummer.

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Do a DIY planner. Search for them here on FPN. I got one from here and printed it out on some 32 lb nice HP stock. VERY NICE!

 It's for Yew!bastardchildlil.jpg


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Have a look at the very affordable and excellent Muji A5 notebooks (this is a link to the English site but there is also a US site). The books are good quality and at 30 pages plus covers they fit well into a Flex case. A quick search of these forums will bring up good references elsewhere.

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      I have the Sailor Naginata and some fancy blade nibs coming after 2022 by a number of new workshop from China.  With all my respect, IMHO, they are all (bleep) in doing chinese characters.  Go use a bush, or at least a bush pen. 
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      It is the reason why I'm so keen on the idea of a personal library — of pens, nibs, inks, paper products, etc. — and spent so much money, as well as time and effort, to “build” it for myself (because I can't simply remember everything, especially as I'm getting older fast) and my wife, so that we can “know”; and, instead of just disposing of what displeased us, or even just not good enough to be “given the time of day” against competition from >500 other pens and >500 other inks for our at
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      Agreed.  And I think it’s good to be aware of this early on and think about at the point of buying rather than rationalizing a purchase..
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      Alas, one cannot know “good” without some idea of “bad” against which to contrast; and, as one of my former bosses (back when I was in my twenties) used to say, “on the scale of good to bad…”, it's a spectrum, not a dichotomy. Whereas subjectively acceptable (or tolerable) and unacceptable may well be a dichotomy to someone, and finding whether the threshold or cusp between them lies takes experiencing many degrees of less-than-ideal, especially if the decision is somehow influenced by factors o
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      I got my first real fountain pen on my 60th birthday and many hundreds of pens later I’ve often thought of what I should’ve known in the beginning. I have many pens, the majority of which have some objectionable feature. If they are too delicate, or can’t be posted, or they are too precious to face losing , still they are users, but only in very limited environments..  I have a big disliking for pens that have the cap jump into the air and fly off. I object to Pens that dry out, or leave blobs o
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