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Doric Mechanical Pencil


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I have been to an antique mall in my area today, and I discovered a cluster of writing instruments. I wasn't able to really look at everything as I was really pressed for time, but I did glimpse a Wahl Eversharp Doric pencil in green. It is one of the models with a little gold medallion above the clip.


My question is: If I were to buy this pencil, how much could I reasonably expect to sell it for ?

I do not have a Doric, and do not foresee the funds appearing to acquire one, so why would I need the pencil!? Also, I would not want to remove a pencil from the market that someone else could be using to complete a set.


I will be able to return to the antiques mall tomorrow to check it out, maybe even buy it. They also had a Parker 21 (with matching pencil) in a Parker 51 box, and maybe some other pens, I was only able to get a glimpse inside the case before rushing off.



Hopefully my ramblings are at least slightly understandable.




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I saw a Doric pencil in an antique mall about six months ago for $28. It was not there the next time I was in there. Someone bought it at that price. Sorry, it is not much of a comp. You might check completed sales on Ebay.

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So I guess I can get at least $28 for it, that's still a profit! (heh heh)


Would there be any interest if I were to put it up on the classifieds part of FPN?

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If I had a Doric I would be interested. Have you looked at Syd Saperstein's site, Pensbury Manor? He usually has vintage Eversharp pens there. He may also have pencils. Google it and you should be able to find it.



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I just checked his site, he has lots of nice pens. I found what I think is the pencil that I saw at the mall: it is the green pencil in the first picture here: http://pensburymanor.com/pensburymanor/Eversharp_Doric_Pens.html (I hope Syd Saperstein does not mind me linking his site)


However, it could be an Equipose pencil. I am almost certain it was a Doric pencil.


I shall examine it tomorrow.

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I am far from expert on this, but I believe the Equipoise had a round barrel/body and that od the Doric was faceted. Good luck. The worst that could happen is that you get a very nice pencil.

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There are numerous pencils it could be, more if it might be round. The gold seal narrows it down. Some keys - does it have a rollerball on the clip? And how long is it overall? Does it twist or have a button to operate? Does it work? Does the trim look new or have brassing? I think it is likely the antique dealer has a source in pens and his price is probably about right. Pencils have a very low demand compared to pens. Only the ones that pair with $500 + pens are worth much more than 30-40.

Save the Wahls!

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I have returned from the store, and I guess I bought a bit more than I had planned.


I found a beautiful Norma 4 color pencil that works great, looks great. As well as a Blue Diamond Parker 51 Vacumatic in Cedar Blue.


In addition to the Doric pencil, of course.

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Congratulations. I am glad you found some interesting stuff. The diaphragm on your Parker is probably due to be replaced. Please post a pic of the pencil if you get a chance. Thanks.

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Yeah, I asked the seller if he knew about the diaphragm condition, and as soon as I asked, he took off 20% of the price due to his not even knowing what I was talking about.


I posted a bunch of pictures of the Doric pencil in a (*extremely* optimistic) advertisement on the classifieds...I am open to offers, after-all! :rolleyes:

Probably way too optimistic....



I'll post a picture or two of the Norma pencil tomorrow, when it is bright enough to do so. This Norma pencil is a real treat, especially when they are in great condition like the one I bought.....not bad for $6 USD hehheh

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I was really being much too ambitious with that hilarious $100 price tag.


I shall bring the price down to a much more reasonable price.

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There are four different types of Doric pencils, and two sizes for each. Variations are numerous.


But I have a different concern: is this kind of thread what these forums are designed for? I'd be more interested in helping someone to learn about the pencil itself rather than how to make a quick buck off one. Besides, if you've got it over on classifieds, why are we discussing the price over here?


I get emails all the time from people trying to sell me pencils. I've found over time that the majority of the times I make an offer, it's some ebay seller who puts it in an online auction with a starting bid at or above what I offered. . . like I'm never looking at auctions on ebay or something. Anymore, I tell people who email me for my opinion what a pencil is worth to paypal me $10 and I'll send you an email with my opinion. If you want to sell me something, tell me how much you want and I will either pay it or not.


Maybe I'm getting curmudgeonly about this, but I've found that people with these kinds of questions will take exactly as much of my time as I allow -- and while they may have made a little more money, otherwise neither of us benefitted from the conversation.

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