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possibly a bit ambitious with that name!


This is a mix made from an unknown proportion (probably about 3+:1 though, mixed it by eye/feel in the pen itself when drawing the ink up) of Waterman's Purple and Cross Black (rebranded Pelikan, according to the internet)


It seems to be a dark purple, with some (a lot? not a lot? i have no clue! tell me about it) shading


here are some images



















(click for hi res)


All done with a Nooder's Creaper, with a cameo from a Pilot Parallel, my ackermann pump pen has been slightly stolen by a close friend for now


I don't think the proportion actually matters that much, since there is a pretty wildly different one in the Parallel than the Creaper but it seems to have the pretty much the same colour and response


paper was from 80gsm cheap staples notebook thing


aman x

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further experimentation shows that the mix is closer to 3 waterman's waterman's purple and 1 cross black, possibly with even less black

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One of my purple mixes is about 1:1 black and purple, and the purple in it is VERY subtle... so yes, I'd expect yours to be relatively stronger on the purple.

A very nice color! Thanks for sharing.

a fountain pen is physics in action... Proud member of the SuperPinks


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I -love- that color. My lamy Al-Star is currently inked with a 1:2 mix of Caran d'Ache Blue Night and Ultra Violet (terrible name, by the way), and it looks similar to that.

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That looks similar to Akkerman Voorhout Violet (sp?) - my ink photography is dreadful, I can't get the white / colour balance right to show the similarity.


I find it best to just set the white of the whitebalance to something like the paper (should be the eyedropper in Camera Raw or LR) and bump the exposure up a bit (atleast, that's what I do in Lightroom/Photoshop)

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