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In Praise Of Moleskine

The Good Captain

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I love Moleskines and have a few dozen that I bought (relatively cheaply) a few years ago. They work great with gel/rollerball and art/graphics pens, and they're durable for travel and knockabout use. Fountain pens are a more recent spree, and while I've found some good pen/ink combos (EF nibs in particular), I'm generally finding the Moleskines a bit limiting. I'm moving soon, so I've given a whole pile to family as gifts. I have a sister who is a poet, another who is a songwriter, a comedian brother, and a journaliing/writer nephew. Everyone loves them, and none of them uses fountain pens. So everyone wins. They each have six new notebooks, and I have justification for exploring other brands. (I stlll have plenty of Moleskines, of course.)

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