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Is One Of These White Lamy Safari With Red Clip And Dot Cap (For Japan) Is A Fake? (Pictures Inside)


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Hi !

I recently purchased two white Lamy Safari with red clip and dot cap (for Japan) from two different sellers (both of them are in Japan). After I got the pens, I noticed that one of them has a little bit darker red clip and the pen itself as well. The one with the brighter red clip also a little bit brighter on the white. Is it because it was made in a different year? Would that be possible? Or is one of them a fake? Everything else looks pretty much the same. Please help!


Thank you so much!




These are the boxes and everything.





The other slight different is the barcode sticker. One of them has the code for this model while the other doesn't.





Now, for the clip, as you can see that the clip on the left is a little bit darker than the one on the right. It might not be so obvious here but it actually tells in the natural light that it's a different color.





It's a little bit more obvious in this picture that the one on the left has a darker red clip.












Also the pen itself. If look closely, the one with the brighter red also brighter on the white.

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Moshe ben David

Your pictures did not load, so commenting is nigh on impossible....

Moshe ben David


"Behold, He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!"

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I cannot tell you if one pen is fake but from the photo it looks like the colour on the clips graduate from light to dark at the end? It could just be variation in the paint processing and application process because out is very unlikely that the two came from the same painting batch. Perhaps you could contact Lamy and ask them their opinion.

I don't know about the barcode too

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I saw similar difference in the clip colors for a French blue Safari with a red clip. One was slightly darker than the other. But the seller was an authorized distributor of Lamy. So didn't give it much thought.


Your best best is to send the pics to Lamy customer care for their opinion.

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I seriously doubt that either one is a fake. Lamy is not that careful about manufacturing consistency, so I believe what you are seeing is normal (for them) variation. This is, after all, a school pen, not a high-end limited edition.


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I would try writing with each. If they feel significantly different, i think that would give you the most accurate clue as to their legitimacy. And if they feel the same, even if one is a fake, i dont think it would really matter as long as they have the same performance.

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Moshe ben David

Does anyone actually make fake Safaris?





I'd probably characterize Hero as making a knockoff, albeit a very close knockoff. They at least put their own name on what they make, so even I can't say it is a total fake. And I'm no fan of folks who do make fakes!

Moshe ben David


"Behold, He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!"

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Thank you so much! I was buying this pen for my friend as a gift so i'd like to make sure that it's not a fake before i give it to her. What a relief!

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Think of it as manufacturing variation.

It isn't a HIGH $$$ pen, so the QC will be less, and the tolerance of acceptable specs from their suppliers will be greater.

San Francisco Pen Show - August 28-30, 2020 - Redwood City, California


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I have to agree with ORFEW-- why would anyone want to make a fake Safari



There are limited/special edition Safaris that do command a higher price... and I think these 2 pens are an example.


(You might want to consult the Lamy Forum...if you know the password...)

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very nice lamy. i can't tell the difference by the pictures. maybe it's one of those things that has to be seen with naked eyes to tell the difference?


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