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Waterman Lid Problem


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I have had this Waterman Expert? for about 10/15 years. Needless to say I absolutely love it.


However, while at a meeting last week, without thinking, I unscrewed the lid rather than pulling it off. I was horrified when the lid came apart in my hand. As you can see from the attached photo the problem I now have it putting this all back together.


Has anyone had a similar problem? If so is this something I can fix myself - or do I need to send it to the Waterman agents and face the undoubtedly expensive repair bill?


Thanks for any suggestions


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I had this happen with a Montblanc 144, which is put together similarly. You put the inner cap inside the outer cap, and then screw the cap jewel through the outer cap and into the inner cap. You might use a pencil, putting the eraser end into the inner cap to hold it inside the outer cap while you are screwing the cap jewel's screw into the inner cap, which acts like a nut.

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