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Cleaning / Polishing Vintage Rubber Pens


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Just to say I cleaned my Summit and Conway Stewart Vintage pens with Autoglym Rubber bumper (fender to you Yanks :) ) cleaner/restorer. They came up a treat (though slightly slippery to begin with, they're harder to grip with no muck and a polished surface) Nice shine, though not too shinny and they are a slightly deeper black colour now as well. Seems like a good choice. Oh and it smells better than rubber as well.

What cleaner/restorers have others had success with?

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Song of Solomon 4:12 ~ You are my private garden, my treasure, my bride, a secluded spring, a hidden fountain Pen

Amber Italix Parsons Essential Fine Cursive Stub & Churchman's Prescriptor Bold Italic, Parker 25 F, Twsbi Mini EF, Platinum #3776 Bourgogne SF, Platinum Maki-e Kanazawa Mt. Fuji Med, Platinum President F, Platinum desk pen, Platinum PG250,

Summit 125 Med flex, Conway Stewart Scribe No 330 Fine flex, Stephens 103 F, Mock Blanc 146 F, Pelikan 200 with 14k EF nib, and a Jinhao 675. - I have also sent a Noodler's Ahab & Creeper to recycling.

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