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So, here's the deal--I have been using fountain pens for about 4 months now and love everything about the ones I have ....except the EF's I bought for school. Breakdown:

  • Lamy Safari EF (enjoy)
  • TWSBI Mini EF/1.1 (too stiff-don't enjoy/too broad for everyday writing)
  • Noodler's Ahab w/Flex nib & w/Noodler's $2 Fine non-flex nib (Love/ too dry and stiff)

I thought I'd love the EF's as a student, but have come to find all but the Lamy EF too uncomfortably thin for my writing style; they give me the sensation of "writing with a nail". However, I LOVE the wet, springy feel and ink saturation of writing with the Noodler's flex and simply not flexing it (see photo.)


QUESTION FOR YOU: Is there another #6 nib out there that would meet these needs in my Ahab? A little springy with a nice wet line, not too broad, and with less nib creep than my Noodler's flex? Give me a nib match for my Ahab this Valentines' day :) If I've missed a thread about this, please give me a link.


Understand, I am not bashing any of the other nibs. They performed as they were intended. It wasn't them...it was me. We were never meant to be.



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Honestly (and I may be in the minority here) almost all of my pens have some nib creep. I have only two that don't have constant nib creep a TWSBI 1.1 that writes dry and a vintage pen that is a wet writer. I don't know what factors cause nib creep would love to hear from someone more knowledgeable about what variables lead to nib creep (if it is more than "just the pen") .

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