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Petition For Paper.


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There is a petition going on to send to Crane. Since Southworth/Neenah aren't making the paper, it reverts back to Crane, to bring back the Distaff Linen paper. This is for people like me who have DEPLETED their Distaff Linen, and are noticing that there is NOTHING quite like it on the market today.


I mean Crane's Crest is OK. But you find comments right here on the Fountain Pen Network, people saying the ink feathers, it's horrible for fountain pens. That's because the SIZING of the paper is not as good as Distaff Linen.


And if nothing else, the Watermark. You will never find a ream of paper again, with a nicer Watermark. I'm talking about reams everybody. Quantity and Quality together in one product.


Don't you guys miss those days. You won't get that from Amalfi, or super expensive, 500 sheets of Amalfi, if you tried it.


All you have to do is, drop Crane an email, saying to please bring back the Distaff Linen paper.




Believe me guys, when you're done with your Distaff Linen, you will miss it. So think ahead, doing this petition now, maybe it will be brought back, by that time. But don't do it, and it may never come back.

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Crane's Crest 24lb and 28lb in smooth and laid finishes are delightful papers. They behave similarly to Distaff linen in my experience. But I agree, the watermark is nice. : -)

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Well then for that alone Blade Runner, the WATERMARK. This Petition is going on, I promise you.


Just send Crane an email, simple.


Please understand, Distaff Linen had more Character and Personality than any paper I've ever used. Or that's out there right now. So yes, it's worth fighting for.


Please tell other people about my new thread, they might be interested.


Just know, the time it took you to reply to me, that's all it would take to send Crane an email.

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