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St Dupont Lacque Signature - 2 Chinese Characters


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Looking for any information on the sign maker of 2 Chinese characters on all Dupont lacquer items and when this was discontinued.


Thank you!


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That's the S.T. Dupont name as rendered in Chinese.

Thank you @Seele! I did not get back to FPN yesterday, but felt I had confirmed it was "Du" "Pont" as per translate.google.com from English to Chinese. This is what I wrote on Facebook yesterday:

杜邦 (Chinese Traditional) - this is what you get from Google Translate when you enter Du Pont in English field. Sure looks close enough for me. Thank you Mike for talking me through this one!

So the story, the way I remember it was that a friend once approached an Asian man of unknown origin country to take a look at these characters on his ST Dupont lacquer lighter. The man looked for a while and said "Du" "Pont". He researched this further and "found out" that there was only one artisan working for the company with sole responsibility of engraving lacquer items with these two characters. When he died the practice was discontinued. Well, I'm almost convinced on the first part; let's see what else we can find out...

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The Chinese rendition you mentioned is actually used for Du Pont, the chemical firm. The name of the pen maker was rendered differently to distinguish between them.


杜邦 DuPont chemicals

都彭 Dupont pens

No, I am not going to list my pens here.

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