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Parker Premier Luxury Question


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Since I've got my Parker Premier Luxury Black last month, I have very much loved it. However, there is a slight annoyance in the form of a small amount of ink on the nib every time I uncap the pen. I think the issue may be with the cap, but I can' treacly see anything wrong with it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?post-110164-0-34721100-1391258852_thumb.jpg

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Yeah, slight ink drops on the nibs will cause some annoyance; it's quite natural actually to have ink forming on the tip of the pen. I haven't personally experienced any minor ink leaks on my Premier ever. Based on that photo, I believe that you should contact a nibmeister or Parker itself to have the nib checked or refined. I have never seen ink leakage that bad, especially so low on the pen. Do you leave your pens faced downwards by any chance? If that is a medium or fine nib, you would have to shake it to have it spill that much ink... I don't think it's the problem of the cap though. After all, the nib is where the ink is stored...

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I had initially thought that the inner ring of the cap was touching the nib and causing a flow. It's not really that much ink, but I will try and contact Parker. Thanks for your help!

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