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Pelikan M1005 / Sailor Kop / Parker Duofold / Gvfc


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In the last years I have written some reviews about four remarkable fountain pens. All reviews were written little after having acquired the FP. This reviews are about these FP:


Parker Duofold Black Mosaic

Graf von Faver Castell Classic

Sailor King of Pen

Pelikan M1005 Silver & Black


Now, some months or some years later, having been able to use all my FP in a wide way, my perception about these FP has changed notably. Aesthetically I like them all four. Perhaps de simplicity of de Sailor KOP lines is in my opinion unbeatable. I also like very much the touch of the hard rubber.


But if I must say something about writing, then I must recognise that the nib of my Parker Duofold is the best writer. I dont't like at all the GvFC nib. The Pelikan's one is very improvable. The nib of my Sailor KOP is wonderful... but has a problem: is a medium one, and for me it's too much broad.


Afer all, when I write in a good paper, such as a Clairefontaine, the Parker extrafine nib és incredible. In conclusion, these are now my scores:


Parker Duofold Black Mosaic: 9/10

Graf von Faver Castell Classic: 6/10

Sailor King of Pen: 9/10

Pelikan M1005 Silver & Black: 7/10


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Thanks for the update review. It is interesting how the true personality of a pen comes out over time. I found that I have migrated to using certain style fountain pens over others. Once you get beyond the initial feeling of the nib, the grip feel, weight, and balance all begin to factor into the writing experience as you begin to notice the subtleties of each pen over time as you have experienced.

Edited by Steven

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Thanks. Always interesting to see how people are considering theyr pens after the fall in love that always (nearly) happen when you buy it

A people can be great withouth a great pen but a people who love great pens is surely a great people too...

Pens owned actually: MB 146 EF;Pelikan M200 SE Clear Demonstrator 2012 B;Parker 17 EF;Parker 51 EF;Waterman Expert II M,Waterman Hemisphere M;Waterman Carene F and Stub;Pilot Justus 95 F.


Nearly owned: MB 149 B(Circa 2002);Conway Stewart Belliver LE bracket Brown IB.

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