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Uk: Ultrasonic Cleaners In Aldi Gbp22.99

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I noticed these in our local branch the other day. No idea of the quality or durability but it may be useful for some. Here's the info.


A search for "ultrasonic cleaner" on FPN gave 118 results. Have a read of some of these posts for some background information on the usefulness of such a device.






PS: in the interests of balance, I also shop at Waitrose.

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A good notice to the UK people, Martin


But the link you give for reading here just leads to the search page, not to a specific topic.






Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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I have one of these that I got from Aldi when they first started selling them a few years ago, mine has had a lot of use and still going strong and cleans much better than the more expensive item I was using at the time.


Well worth getting if you have a shop near to you.



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Ursus, on 13 Feb 2014 - 02:04, said:snapback.png

[...] it's a shame that you cannot clean children in it. :rolleyes:


Well, not in one piece...




Exactly how would you disassemble them? Do you need special tools? :bawl: :wallbash:

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