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Montblanc Lavender Purple Ink Relaunched


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For those of you who love it and were disappointed that it was withdrawn, I can confirm that Montblanc have relaunched their Violet Lavender Purple ink. :)


It's in the same box and the same 60ml bottle, Made in Austria, and my bottle expires Nov 2018. I assume that expiry date will be key to knowing that it's the latest relaunch stock.


Edited: It's called Lavender Purple

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Brilliant news and finally, btw has this been released worldwide yet, I am dying to get my hands on this.

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Did you purchase a bottle somewhere? How are you confirming the existence? Just asking for a clarification, not trying to be cynical or anything. Thank you for giving the MB Violet/Lavender Purple lovers some hope!

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I was hoping to try their purple! Is it still called Lavender purple or are they back to Violet Purple?

Sorry, I should have had the box in front of me. It's Lavender Purple

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I really, really hope this is true! Recently, I was browsing the various online retailers for a suitable MB Lavender Purple replacement and realized that there is no substitute.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. - Mark Twain

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Its not showing on Montblanc's UK site yet, but no surprises there really as we get everything last in the Uk, except the joke ;)

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Thanks for letting us know - I like purple inks, so I'm going to add this to my list. I think it will compliment my Iroshizuku's Yamabudo and Murasaki-Shikibu nicely...

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I heard a new MB boutique is supposed to be opening in downtown Montreal on April 1st, on boul. De Maisonneuve. Hopefully it will come equipped with all the new inks because the current straggler authorized dealers still allowed to be carrying the brand seem to be woefully behind the ink times.

Happiness is a real Montblanc...

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April 1st?


And you are serious I believe?


Ok but you must admit that the date you're presenting does sound a little... fishy...




Keep me posted, I'd love to buy ink at normal prices without shipping


Found one in Laval ( no affiliation whatsoever) but they are out of Lavender purple



Montblanc Boutique
Le Carrefour Laval
3035, Boul. Le Carrefour, #D23
Laval , Qc. H7T 1C8

P. 450.681-4443
F. 450.687-0612

Email : montrealboutique@montblanc.com

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The person who is opening the downtown MB store is reportedly the same one who owns the Laval location. Hopefully bringing in new stock will include a full complememt of ink supplies to both places.

Happiness is a real Montblanc...

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I did manage to order some Irish green from Laval, in CDN funds and 5$ delivery :)

Cheaper than taking my car from the South shore and the time it would take me to get back and forth. 5$ !! You betcha!

Could not pass it up

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