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New Notebooks: Leuchtturm1917 + Whitelines Link!


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I saw the announcement video pop up on my YouTube suggested videos feed on Friday: http://youtu.be/YddRA-YcSHg.
Then this morning I got confirmation in the comments from Whitelines that they are indeed making Whitelines Link notebooks with Leuchtturm1917 paper! "Leuchtturm1917 notebooks with Whitelines Link inlay/functionality".

I don't see any mention of this new notebook on the Whitelines blog yet.
After some Googling, I found some additional info:
These new notebooks will have black covers with orange elastics. Paper options will be ruled and dotted. Available in Notebook and Academy Pad.
From the little bit that I've read (newbie FB user), it sounds like Whitelines paper has gotten so-so/mixed reviews from the FP community. Perhaps this will make Whitelines Link notebooks a more viable option for FP users.
This could be the ultimate digital + analog combo.


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Thanks for posting this. I am still on the search for the perfect notebook.


I haven't tried any whitelines paper with fountain pens yet. I'm always reluctant to try new notebooks because (1) they're expensive, and (2) I'm often disappointed – which of course leads back to being expensive since the notebook gets tossed into the "never use" pile. I've hated Fieldnotes, Moleskine, and many other popular notebooks because they feather, bleed, or worse.


Hopefully these new ones with Leuchtturm1917 will be awesome... (crossing fingers).


Until then I'll stick with my Rhodia and Midori. :)

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The old paper was a touch absorbent which meant it could feather in combination with thinner inks that were heavily saturated.


Looking forward to try the new format with the new paper.

Rob Maguire (Plse call me "M or Mags" like my friends do...)I use a Tablet, Apple Pencil and a fountain pen. Targas, Sailor, MB, Visconti all wonderful.

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I'm glad you spotted -- and shared! -- this. I like the concept of Whitelines and will definitely keep on eye out for this notebook!



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I love the idea, spotted this a week ago on the whitelines and leuchtturm websites and just found that they are already available at the paperie in the UK. Have written to Leuchtturm if they have any german stockists yet.

Wish list: Aurora Optima

Current inked Pens: Pilot Decimo - Noodlers BBH, MB Mozart - MB Lavender

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UPDATE: According to Whitelines' FB post today, these new notebooks are available in the UK at http://www.bureaudirect.co.uk/search/leuchtturm1917+whitelines. The U.S. and Canada has to wait until May 14.


Here's the direct link to The Paperie: http://www.thepaperie.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Leuchtturm1917+Whitelines

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I'm always reluctant to try new notebooks because (1) they're expensive, and (2) I'm often disappointed – which of course leads back to being expensive since the notebook gets tossed into the "never use" pile.


I just discovered the FPN's Paper Exchange forum. Sounds like a great way to try out papers in different notebooks before you buy. Not sure how active it is but might be worth a shot if there's something you have your eye on.

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These use Whitelinks paper, which was very disappointing when I tried it with a fountain pen. I like the concept but if the paper is the same as standard Whitelinks notebooks then it's a non-starter for me.

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Just noticed on the paperie site it says it is 100gsm paper - I think the std whitelines paper is 70gsm - I may give one of these a try as I can't stand writing on bright white paper

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ooh apparently the paper in the leuchtturm is different to the standard whitelines paper :)


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Has anyone used these in the UK yet? I've seen that they are available from Bureau Direct and I'm anxious to try them.


I'm just wondering that the grey of the main body of the page doesn't show off ink so well.


I use my leuchtturm a5 notebook daily and this new whitelines link looks like a great addition!!

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Just got a sample of the leuchtturm link,


The paper is great, and doesn't feather with most inks,

however with a wet pen and a very wet ink it will feather a little and show through the back of the paper.


Rhodia 90g and Habana are superior.


the color of the grey is a dark ivory but easy to the eye.

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Another web-based notebook thingy:



You fill up the notebook and send it to the publisher. They send you a link to a scanned version compatible with popular notebookish apps like evernote.

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I ride a recumbent, I play go, I use Macintosh so of course I use a fountain pen.

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Whitelines has sample pages you can print out to demo the concept. I printed out a bunch of pages to play with it and see how it might fit in my life. I love technology. I love fountain pens. I love paper. But this helped me realize that when I write on paper, I have no desire to see it on a screen. I want to hold it and feel the notebook in my hand. I want to be able to flip through the pages to find what I'm looking for. I want to be able to see the sheen and tone of the ink on the paper. I want to feel the weight of the notebook and texture of the paper in my hand. That's part of the appeal. If I could, I would go back to a paper calendar which would be totally impractical in my line of work. I guess when I need a computer or tablet, I prefer that modality. When I want paper then I just want paper.


It's a brilliant concept. It's just not for me. I would be curious to hear how others make use of the Whitelines Link option.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

— Dr. Seuss

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