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Lamy Studio Jewel Removal


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I was wondering if anyone could post a detailed description or photo string to show how to remove the jewel from the lamy studio cap. My clip is loose and wiggles back and forth. I read somewhere else that this could potentially be fixed by taking the jewel off and adjusting the clip placement in the jewel. Unfortunately I can't get the jewel to move no matter what I do. I have removed the brass screw and rubber insert inside the cap but that's as far as I can get. I don't want to get to pushy with it for fear of damaging the jewel, so I haven't used any tools yet.



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I got interested in this topic so I took one of my Studio:s, and removed the inner cap to investigate.

I´m not sure if the jewel/clip assembly is possible to remove.


The assembly of the jewel/clip is secured with a brass tube which has four groves.

Maybe it´s possible to unscrew this tube with a proper tool, but it can be riveted in place and not intended for removal.


Perhaps other members know about the possibility to remove the jewel/clip on the Studio.


Take care when working with the cap on the Studio! :yikes:

If you don´t look out you can make deep scratches on the cap if you hold the cap so you press the clip onto the cap.

As you know this "propeller"-clip only has contact with the cap at a "point".

A way to prevent this is to place some protection between the "tip" of the clip and the cap.

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You can dissemble it fully I have before for fun.


1. First of all get a flat head screw driver placed it inside the cap and unscrew the screw and the inner cap should drop out with the screw.

2. Now you have to unscrew the chrome top above the clip. you can normally do his by hand. A brass nut should drop out and the clip should come off.


It's quite simple.


any other q's do ask

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Ok thanks for the replies. I've tried to unscrew the jewel by hand and it's quite firmly in place. Any ideas for how to remove it in my case? BTW I've read that the jewel cap is conventional right hand thread but I've tried both directions to no avail.


And Lemur, I've already put scratches on the cap from clip movement with every day use and being in my bag as I cart it back and forth to work. Seems like they could have made more of an effort to prevent this in the clip design.

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Same here, it doesn't budge an inch no matter the direction. Even tried with a glove for better friction. Is there a trick or are there different kind of studio caps?

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