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Recently I came across an acquaintance, an old man who was working as an accountant in a pen shop in Chennai. We soon started chatting on the various Indian pen brands and also of yesteryear.


This is when he said that he is interested to give his pens, which he managed to keep in his possession for some time now, to someone like me who liked pens and invited me to his house. There he handed over a "bag", yes, it was full of pens and pens.


Gratitude ensured that i did not even open the bag at his place, but on reaching home I opened it...there were about 400 pens..yes but about 90% were ball point pens. Only about 40 were vintage Indian fountain pens......I thought I must records these brands here!! and hence this effort.


The first of the pens was an unknown Indian Brand Sabena, which I posted here. Sabena


The second pen I liked was a Vintage Indian Pen- Swan-VIP..This pen has already been reviewed by Hari..here is his link..Swan VIP


So,I am going to merely show-case my pen, which is a different colour...hope you all like it!!


The pen



The imprint on the barrel



The Swan symbol in clip



The Swan imprint on cap



The Pen Opened



The pen disintegrated- its a Swan Aero-Filler!!



Hope you enjoyed this post...




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A wonderful find Subbucal, not many people are documenting their finds, what you are doing here is important, pls keep it up!


Nice to see that the nib unit will unscrew. I never tried that on my example.


I have a clutch of Indian swans and black birds that are now pending for years to be photographed and shown on FPN, thanks for reminding me to do that.




In case you wish to write to me, pls use ONLY email by clicking here. I do not check PMs. Thank you.

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Oye Subbu...copyright...copyright...he he he...nice find though...I have some Indian Swans...maybe we can put together all the Indian Swans that we have (Hari, you, and I) and make a nice thread...more Swans in the Pen-dora's box?

Writing and posting about fountain pens exclusively on www.jaisiri.blogspot.in ... recent posts on Hema Pens (Hyderabad), Haul at Majestic (Bangalore), and Asoka Pens (Tenali)...

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Ha ha... :D


Unfortunately only one of these was available. Its a sad miss, when I asked this man about some old swans or blackbirds...he told me "nahut sara swan pens tha, gold nib ke saat...teen saal pahele sab de diya".


English:- So many Swans I had with gold nibs...gave all of them off three years back".

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From the photos the nib unit looks similar to that of a Parker 45. Are they similar in real life as well?

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From the photos the nib unit looks similar to that of a Parker 45. Are they similar in real life as well?


Nib is very smooth & writes well...but am not able to judge its performance Vs Parker 45.

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