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First Time Mixing Result - Any Resemblance To A Purple? ?


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My suitemate kind of got me interested into fountain pens about a month ago.


So I caught the buying virus and after getting a few inks and some fountain pens in a month, I decided to spend my weekend mixing some inks together.


I think my first try turned out decent right? I'd love to hear any tips and pointers for future mixing


http://imgur.com/wsmXYKR (I posted it on Reddit first)


So I took that picture on HDR mode on my Nexus 5, so it's probably not as accurate as a scan. But I can do some if people really want.


I'm just interested to see if this color resembles anything?

I'm not sure as I don't really have purple ink and I found this purple to be pretty satisfactory for me.

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It looks like J Herbin's Larmes de Cassis ...

Redditors said it looks like Iroshizuku Yama-budo or Noodler's Purple Heart


But I just seared up J Herbin's Larmes de Cassis and it does seem more similar to that.

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