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Does anyone know the Japanse penmaker Hakase? I found their website

http://www.fp-hakase.com/, but do not get much info from that, as my Japanese is bad - non-existent!

Is there any info available on what pens they produce, their prices, how to order, etc.


Any info is highly appreciated!


thanks, cheers,


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It's a high-end hand-made fountain pen company well known among FP users in Japan. Right now I'm using my Palm and not everything shows on my Palm but they way it works is if you fill their online form they will send you a catalog and "fountain pen carte" you have to fill out with a fountain pen. Then they will make a pen to your order. Current turnaround time is 17 months ohmy.gif


I think they also sell pens in "Fountain Pen Fairs" held in Japanese department stores. Will get more info later smile.gif

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Thanks, Taki, love to hear more! biggrin.gif

I tried to order their catalogue, but that's quite difficult because their website is Japanese only and Babelfish does not seem to be working on their site...



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There are four pages about Hakase in Ewing's The Fountain pen - a collector´s companion - perhaps you could find that book and have a look... The company was founded in 1932, and produces expensive high-end hand-turned pens.

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Luca, I'm so sorry that I forgot about this thread!


Did you see the the page with their products and prices?



Nakaya seems cheap compared to their pens biggrin.gif


You are supposed to prepay half the amount upfront via cash transfer through post offices in Japan(they function like a bank in japan in addition to postal services). They don't say wheather they accept orders from overseas. I will send a quick enquiry e-mail using their web form later and let you know.

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Just received an e-mail reply from Hakase. They DO accept orders in English. The cost is the price of the pen + 5% Japanese Consumption tax + shipping (to Natherlands it is 4400 yen or approx 27.76 Euro at current exchange rate). All their pens use Namiki/Pilot cartridges or converters. They cannot export tortoise shell pens (yes, they are real tortoise shell) due to the Washington Treaty. They will take VISA, JCB or American Express. If you order now your pen will be ready in about 17 months (by the end of June, 2008). Mr. Yamamoto is the current owner of the company and a grandson of the founder of Hakase.


Contact info:


HAKASE Co.,Ltd. since1934

Ryo Yamamoto

605 Sakae-machi

Tottori-shi,Tottori 680-0831




E-Mail info@fp-hakase.com

URL: www.fp-hakase.com

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Also, the Hakase website has an explanation in English:


What is sepia ink?

The word 'sepia' comes from Latin and it refers to squid's ink.
Early in the Showa era, Bernard Leach, an English potter, visited Japan.
In the ink bottle he brought was sepia ink.

The father of Tottori folk art Shoya Yoshida was the first person to have succeeded in making the sepia ink in Japan. It was introduced to the market in 1936 under the name 'sepia ink' and continued to be sold until around 1960.
Light-fastness is what makes the sepia ink unique. Because it does not fade it was widely used as ink for a dipping pen or a pigment for paints, but it also had shortcomings?fountain pens would get clogged or the ink gets blotted with water.

This time we proudly introduce our 'reprint' version of the sepia ink.
It is the world's first ground-breaking color pigment ink, in which sepia is processed to reduce its particle size to ultrafine, so that it does not clog a fountain pen or a fude pen (pen with a brush tip and a replaceable cartridge). What's more, it is water-resistant when it is dry.

Born in Europe, sepia ink naturally works well on parchment paper and Western paper; however, surprisingly enough, it harmonizes with Japanese washi as well.

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I am in my 17 months waiting period... I received their catalogue, and scanned it: you can view it at http://www.rhkoning.com/fpngallery/view_album...lbumName=hakase (click on the pictures for larger sized images). It seems my pen is expected to be ready by the end of march 2008, and according to their confirmation, only in the beginning of march 2008 my credit card will be charged for the full amount. Ruud

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I just nooticed that they sent me an English order form in JPEG format. If anyone wants it, send me an E-mail and I will forward the file(1.2M). .

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In my collection are pens by Ohashido, Tsuchida, Sakai, and others. There are no Hakase.


I've purchased many hundreds of Japanese pens these past years and been offered several thousand more. There has been, perhaps, one or two Hakase. To me, this is a sign of true value. They are made to order for collectors and users who cherish them and are unwilling to part with them. They are not purchased as New Years gifts as are many other pens.


Well worth the wait for a great pen.


Formerly Ryojusen Pens
The oldest and largest buyer and seller of vintage Japanese pens in America.

Member: Pen Collectors of America & Fuente, THE Japanese Pen Collectors Club

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The sepia ink is beautiful! *.*


But ¥6300 (price for fountain pen ink)?? (about $52/€40) blink.gif



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I like this one but at $693.00 + shipping I will have to pass as that is one months house payment for me. They do have awesome pens though.

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I'm speechless (well, almost)... These prices make Nakaya look like a walk in the park... And $18 for Private Reserve?! :o! But the sepia ink is worth trying and some of the pen designs look gorgeous! Taki, thanks for the infomation!

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I have only ever seen photos of Hakasa pens. The pens are stunning and I would love to have one, but the prices are so high. Still, a 17-month wait would give me time to save up!


This is a great thread. I am sorry I missed it back in February.

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Hi everyone!


I would also love to see some pictures of Hakase pens.

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