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Q: Eyedropper Pens: O-Rings Necessary? Source?


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Thanks, Anup :)


I count 10 threads on the section of the slimmer pen, and 12 (maybe 13) on the section of the green & black ebonite pen. Maybe that's the secret to making the joint non-leaking -- lots of turns on the thread.


(Also, I find it interesting that the slimmer pen has coarser threads. Maybe it's molded, where the other pen has threads that are cut?)

The green ebonite is handmade whereas the plastic one is moulded. The internal diameter of barrel at point of threading of ebonite is 10 mm and that of plastic one is 5 mm


For actual size of the ebonite FP see the pics at:







I put my savings to test

Lamy & Pilot FPs the Best

No more I even think of the rest

(Preference Fine and Extra Fine Nibs)

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Hi folks,


I just found this forum today. I'm new to making eye droppers and thus far really like making them and using them.


I had questions about where to source o-rings as well. I posted some details that I discovered about o-rings for eye droppers in another eye dropper thread, with photos, which you can find here. I hope the info is helpful.


Thus far, I've converted four pens into eye droppers: one Preppie and three Pilot Petit1s. Next on my list is a Noodler's Ahab that needs some work (it was gifted to me as a PIF pen to tinker with). I really do like eye droppers.


Oh, and I got in on the Ranga 8 group buy of lovely eye droppers from India. I'm still waiting for that one to arrive.





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ACE Hardware has a decent selection of O-rings if there are any near you.

Take time to stop and ink

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Thanks to fellow pen-maker John Albert for sharing the o-rings he uses when he makes eye-droppers: 6mm OD, 4mm ID. They stretch over the 9mm threaded tenon I normally use when I make sections, making them a bit thinner than the 1mm unstretched thickness. Works perfectly so far.


I got some on eBay from Zoro Tools, type 1RHZ3.

Duncan Suss


Website: Fruit Of The Lathe

Facebook: FruitOfTheLathe


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