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Unknown Waterman Allianz 100 Year Anniversary


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I recently acquired an unusual Waterman pen. I know it is in celebration of the 100 anniversary of Allianz but past that i am clueless. The nib is 18k gold and says waterman ideal paris 18k 750 france. I know the bands and clip are gold. The silver metal is not a base metal according to a local jeweler and is some sort of precious metal. It is probably silver or silver plating. the top of the cap has the Allianz logo and around the cap band it say waterman 100 jahre Allianz. When the pen is written with the pen leaks ink between the band adjacent to the nib and the grip. Can i fix this? what kind of pen is this? what is it worth?post-108408-0-10161800-1389326639_thumb.jpgpost-108408-0-78055400-1389326664_thumb.jpg

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Also, the nib and feed do not fit very snugly. They move slightly. Can i fix this??

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It is a Gentleman.


View my post Salespersons 1990 catalogue and look at page Waterman1990 _17.


The band and clips are gold plated as is the silver. I suspect the leak may either be due to the loose feed/nib or more serious, the insert (thread) is cracked or deteriorating. If you do not know pens or have not the capability I suggest a pensmith you should go.


As for the value, who knows but I can say the logo will do it no favours.

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As I thought, the insert should not be unscrewing.


If the feed and nib do not wedge tightly back inside the insert then, yes it needs experts attention.


Just make sure there is not an alignment form inside the insert. Sometimes, and I cannot recall on this one, you will see the nib and feed will only go in in one rotational position.


As far as I know there is no seal ring on the insert, I believe it is held in place with a cement.

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Yeah, it unscrewed with ease. The nib and feed also fit loosely in any direction. This pen was passed down to me so I have no money into it. I will probably invest in the part so that I can get the pen into operating condition

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The inner section/feed holder on these often degrades or cracks so that the feed is no longer a tight, leak free fit. There is no o-ring on the brass threads of the section on the Gentleman.


It looks like everything else in the picture is okay. I'm confident you need only that inner feed holder. If the gold ring, which screws onto the plastic tube of the holder, still has all of its plating it has some value. Many have lost their plating by now. You may be able to re-use it, or keep it for when your new one corrodes.


Be careful when buying a Gentleman section online. Man 2 sections look almost identical to the Gentleman. The nibs are interchangeable (though a different finish), and the feed holder is identical and completely interchangeable. But the outer section is a slightly different size; it will screw into a Gentleman barrel but the cap won't fit properly.


Good luck

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