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We're kicking off the New Year at JustWrite with a renewed commitment to provide the largest possible range of affordable fountain pens in Australia. We intend to make it possible for anyone, regardless of means, to be able to put together a diverse and eclectic Fountain Pen Collection at a modest and affordable cost.
We're starting with our most popular fountain pens, the Baoer and Jinhao range and we have recently finalised new supply arrangements that have allowed us to significantly reduce our prices.
Baoer 388 Series - 2014 pricing from $11.90
Jinhao X750 Series - 2014 pricing from $11.90
Jinhao X450 Series - 2014 pricing from $11.90
Baoer 507 (8 Horses) Series - 2014 pricing $14.50
During 2014 we'll also be introducing a new range of companion ballpoint pens to our most popular Jinhao and Baoer fountain pens. These ballpoints all take standard Parker style refills. Our first ballpoints are companions for the popular Black and Stainless Steel Baoer 388 fountain pens. We'll be selling these as sets and individually.
You can see the new 388 range and prices here:












Kevin Watson
Blackstone Ink :: JustWrite Pen Company, Australia
Website: www.justwrite.com.au www.blackstone.inkEmail: info@justwrite.com.au

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Well done ! As a newbie to FPN, but a FP addict (aren't we all, or getting there) I'm very pleased to hear that commitment to encouraging us Down Under to obtain a good collection at reasonable pricing.

I'll be surfing the store with interest.

thanks & best wishes, Captain Nib

...keep nibbing on...

Don't look down on someone, unless helping them up :D

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I'd really like to commend the JustWrite folks for their tireless efforts to provide quality, cost effective fountain pen products to the Australian market - I bought a few Jinhao pens, Toucan inks and various other products from them in the lead up to Christmas, and their customer service was great. Plus the peace of mind in terms of warranty - overseas dealers really can't offer that!

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Forgot to mention in yesterday's post: not only was the customer service great, the pens themselves were surprisingly high quality, especially for the price (which has dropped further since I made my purchase - bummer!). I prefer a finer nib as a general rule, but these write so smoothly (the x450 especially so, in my very limited experience). So you can put me down as a satisfied customer - and unexpectedly, as a fan of the Jinhao pens!

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