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'stylus' Fountain Pen With A Goldin Nib

Rose Nibs

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Can any one give me information about the history of this pen? It has 'Stylus' imprinted on the barrel in the checkerboard pattern and the fine steel kugel-tip nib is marked Goldin Iridium 6175. I have given it a cap from an old Staedtler technical pen. My guess is German, second or third tier, possibly 1940s. It looks like a narwhal with that odd hood.


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With the help of online, you can explore more information about the history of this pen. Where i know that the first fountain pens making use of all these key ingredients appeared in the 1850s. Stylographic pens are now used mostly for drafting and technical drawing but were very popular in the decade beginning in 1875. In the 1880s the period of the mass-produced fountain pen finally began. At this time fountain pens were all filled by unscrewing a portion of the hollow barrel or holder and inserting the ink by means of an eyedropper a slow and messy procedure. A fountain pen is a nib pen that unlike its predecessor the dip pen, contains an internal reservoir of water-based liquid ink.








Thanking you.

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