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Curious Browning On The Sides Of The Tines


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Hello there,
I'm experiencing something I didn't expect: the sides of my Ero's gold-plated steel nib's tines are slowly turning browner (it's really hard to catpure with a camera). It has begun, I don't know, maybe a month ago, by a very little stain, which is much bigger now than then. The surface remains perfectly smooth.
Anybody knows what is happening?






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I do not know. However, this location reminds me of an issue my Bexley Elegancias had. The inside of the cap was not bored out quite enough near the top, and consequently the edges of the nib at about that location would scrape the cap on the inside and rest against it when the cap was threaded on. I have bought 3 Elegancias, two as gifts and then later one for myself. I had Howard Levy fix the first two. Later when I bought the third, I was disappointed to see that the issue was the same, but at this point I just shrugged and fixed it myself, not that it was easy without a lathe!

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Could be a stain building up from one color of ink you use. My Nakaya's did that when I used some reds. Try to polish it off with your finger and a pinch of toothpaste. Be careful though as you may remove some plating if you go to far. Light pressure and only enough to remove the stain, checking as you go.

I learned that here and tried it on my pens. I really worked like magic.

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