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Rotring 600 Pencil Repair


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I need to repair a Rotring 600 / Newton mechanical pencil. I am not sure exactly where the piece went missing, but the other day I came across the pencil that I had stashed away awhile ago. I realized I had tucked it away because it is missing one of the top parts. I was probably unscrewing and disassembling the pencil at some point and misplaced the part. Calls and emails to Newell are unsuccessful as they do not have any repair parts available.


So now it's time to fabricate the part myself.


Does anyone have a Newton 600 pencil, and a set of calipers as well?


It is the newer old style and the part I am looking for is described in the pictures. I really only need the thread dimensions, I can figure out the rest based on what I have.


Any help would be appreciated!





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Did you ever get the dimensions you need? I could (albeit slowly) get them from one of my 600s. The shape of the sleeve (in my case, anyway) is not quite as you drew it - Not the entire barrel is threaded, but rather just the portion closest to the "clicker" end. The end opposite the "clicker" is unthreaded and of slightly smaller dimension.

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