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Vacuum-Fil (Sheaffer Sub-Brand) Restoration Questions


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Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions on a Vacuum-Fil that I'm working on.


gmberg's post here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/200999-early-thick-rods-from-sheaffer/

has been very helpful, but my situation is a little different; in his post, the packing unit came out of the pen - in mine, it is still inside.


So, here are my questions:


1) Would the best method for restoration be to drill out the packing unit, as I have in the Sheaffer Vac-fils that I have restored, or is there some other method I should try?


2) As this is one of the thick-rod pens, should I search for different o-rings to use in the packing unit, or will the o-ring be flexible enough for the larger rod? I am using the ones offered by David Nishimura.


I am sure there are other questions I should ask - I'll add them as I go. :) Here are some pictures to (hopefully) add some clarity:




The pen, disassembled.




Closeup of the packing unit

Currently using:Too many pens inked to list, I must cut back! :) I can guarantee there are flighters, urushi, and/or Sheaffer Vac-fillers in the mix!!!

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