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Got some samples this Christmas.


+1 for Scabiosa and Noodler's Purple Martin.


Ebony Purple, on the other hand, looks way too black, even under a strong light.

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J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune is my favorite purple. It can have a variety of effects depending on the nib. It's darker, conservative, but definitely purple. I use it for everyday writing, business or not.


I like this ink a lot, but it's a greyish purple. In English the name is "Moon Dust", which is one of the most appropriate ink names I've encountered.




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I like the Diamine Amaranth. I used it in my first stub nib & it was great. I have used it a few other nibbed pens. Used in gold pens & a steel Conklin stub, behaved well.



If your out-go is more than your income,


Then your up-keep.


May be your Down-falll!!!



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One option that I just ordered, based on sample performance, is Iroshizuku Murasaki-shikibu. One thing I do not need is another purple ink (love so much that I overdo). However, the flow and shading were so beautiful that common sense went out the door. :)


Why recommend here? It's lovely and non-girly. It's more purple than Bilberry but bluer than PR Supershow Violet.

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I like Noodler's Violet Vote (formerly Iraqi Indigo) a Pendemonium exclusive. Bulletproof. Evidently has some nib creep but I don't see with my Parker "51". Even used for sympathy cards. On the stock I used and pen didn't come off as joyous. You may have a different opinion on that use.


Consider a mix toward nightshade. Think there is one with Iraqi Indigo and Zhavigo.

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If you wanted to tinker, I would recommend getting two bottles of Platinum Mix Free, one in Smoke Black and one in Silky Purple. Mixed together in a 1:1 ratio, they make a beautiful dark violet, a sort of black-orchid colour that leans towards blue, and you could keep adjusting the ratios until you got the perfect shade. Cyclamen Pink also makes a wonderful purple mixed 1:1 with SB, one veering more towards red than blue.


In fact, you ought to consider getting the whole 9-vial set from Goulet (5 mL of each colour plus 10 empty vials and a pair of syringes) and just mix to your heart's content. $30 very well spent.


If you don't want to mix, then I vote for Diamine Damson and Iroshizuku Murasaki, my go-to purples (and I'm a guy).

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