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So, around 3 months ago I bought a Parker 45 in a nostalgic fit of self indulgence on the grounds that it was the pen that saw me through my school days, or to be more accurate that THEY were the pens that saw me through as it turned out that my fellow class mates were pretty much convinced that property ownership was not an important issue leading to a fair number of pens disappearing never to be seen again. So, having bought myself one pen I found myself buying another, and another ... and pretty soon I seem to have found a new direction to my wanderings on the internet whilst I'm sat here pretending to work, with Ebay as well as several other vintage pen sites firmly bookmarked and inspected on a daily if not hourly basis.


At the moment I seem to be leaning towards the metal Parker 45's, especially the Harlequins which I could never afford as a kid, and the Parker 25's which I actually prefer to use over the 45's as a daily working pen. At the moment the main part of my collections looks a bit like this:


As well as several duplicates and a few other models which I'm not sure I want to actually collect.


The point of all this is ... At what point does a simple innocent hobby become an obsession? Is it normal to troll through the newly listed items at Ebay quite so often never mind trying to examine bad photos at 300% size in Photoshop looking for clues to identify badly labelled items? Should work really come first or is that Parker T1 that is ending soon the real priority?

Any thoughts and ideas appreciated ... :D

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The 25 and 45 were my schooldays pens! My parents bought me a 45 when I started school (compulsory to use a fountain pen in those days), but I secretly yearned after the 25s as they appeared so futuristic in their styling. Over my school years I managed to do a lot of swaps to get a fair range of Parker pens and was a total Parker junkie!


I tried a 25 recently at a pen show for nostalgia's sake, but it was all too strong a reminder of a time I wish never to go through again.


Nice collection.

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Big fan of 45's! Love the Flighter deluxe!


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OK. While we can all drool over these beautiful specimens and be green with envy, we still haven't answered the OP's question.


No Captivelight, your obsession is definitely NOT normal.... Anywhere but HERE. We understand and accept you as a fellow FPN member. We feel your pain, but there's no sense in fighting it. No one else will really understand. :)


Glad you came here for answers. Thank you for sharing pics!


Happy obsessing!



"Not a Hooker Hooker, but rather a left-handed overwriter."

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Lovely Harlequins! I must have a look at those myself in due course (as you can see the obession is strong here).


I check my ebay watched items before i go to work.then I use my iphone app for updates until I can get home again :)

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