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Hello all ye pen-repairers and -repairesses out there,


I found a useful tool to remove a section, or a blind-cap, or just open a tightly closed ink bottle.

The gloves you see in the pictures below are really helpful in all these situations, giving a VERY good grip.

I got them from a local building supplier (cost only about €3) and they work like a charm.

No more fiddling with pads and stripes.

Section pliers will hopefully become a "tool of last resort".

(Caution: The occasional applying of dry heat to the barrel might still be necessary, esp. with older/ brittle material.)





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I tried some rubber dishwashing gloves for grippers and while they gripped fine, I found putting then on and off a PIA.


I'll stick with my 3" x 3" piece of bicycle inner tube. It's thinner than car or motorcycle tubes and works just fine for me And,

it's Free. My Favorite price! ;)


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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