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Parker 61 Find - Need Nib / Help!


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Hey everyone,


I consider myself a "newb" still, but I love fountain pens and want to acquire a few more.


I found what I believe is a Parker 61 on that auction website for about $12. It needs some love, but I am willing to give it that.


I need your help bringing this old girl back to life, FPN. The nib is bent - post-32887-0-22340700-1385484785_thumb.jpg post-32887-0-82948300-1385484799_thumb.jpg


I am not sure if the best course is to replace it ($30, available here: http://www.vintagepens.com/catill_nibs_parts.shtml) or to send her away to one of the wizards. I would like to keep costs reasonable.


Is a replacement nib the best cost-effective option? Does anyone have a spare Fine nib laying around I could purchase? I am open to suggestions. Thank you!!


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I think it might be cheaper to buy a new nib. A nibmeister would probably charge quite a bit to fix that nib, but you could email several professionals (with that picture attached) and get some quotes.


Personally I would recommend Greg Minuskin. He really is a "wizard" with bent and mangled nibs and he has a quick turn around time. http://gregminuskin.com/?p=8175


Also, the pen will need a new hood. The hood on that pen has a large chip on the front (probably occurred when the nib got bent).

Parker: Sonnet Flighter, Rialto Red Metallic Laque, IM Chiseled Gunmetal, Latitude Stainless, 45 Black, Duovac Blue Pearl Striped, 51 Standard Black, Vac Jr. Black, 51 Aero Black, 51 Vac Blue Cedar, Duofold Jr. Lapis, 51 Aero Demi Black, 51 Aero Demi Teal, 51 Aero Navy Gray, Duofold Pastel Moire Violet, Vac Major Golden Brown, Vac Deb. Emerald, 51 Vac Dove Gray, Vac Major Azure, Vac Jr. Silver Pearl, 51 Vac Black GF Cap, 51 Forest Green GF cap, Vac Jr. Silver Pearl, Duovac Senior Green & Gold, Duovac Deb. Black, Challenger Black, 51 Aero Midnight, Vac. Emerald Jr., Challenger Gray Pearl, 51 Vac Black, Duofold Int. Black, Duofold Jr. Red.

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Thanks very much for the input. I think some of the tipping is worn off as well, so I think I'll go ahead with ordering the new nib while some are still available.


I will keep Greg in mind for future catastrophes. As far as the hood, I don't really mind the chip; gives it some character and adds to the pen's story. :) I'm looking to use this pen regularly, as it isn't in collector's shape anyway. But if I see one with a gold arrow that matches, I'll consider it. Thanks again!

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Question for those who know more, but will this pen work well with the hood chipped in this manner? Do 61s work in the same way as 51s where the tip of the hood has to be in very close proximity to the nib?

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The hood on my burgundy chipped like that after about 10 years of use, it kept going for a further 15 years.


If your pen didn't have the nib damage it has, I'd have said it was an indicator that microcracks have started to grow from the inside of the hood and the pen is in the second half of its life. The plastic on the P61, particularly the burgundy it appears, is attacked by ink and slowly cracks. Eventually the hood goes porous and you get inky fingers every time you use the pen. This is at the 25 year mark for a daily use pen.

However, as the arrow is in situ, and the nib is mashed, it's more likely that some (bleep) tried to remove the nib from a nearly new pen in order to sell the gold, and in doing so ripped off the tipping.


Enjoy the pen once you've found a new nib,





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Thank you so much for the info. It is likely the hood was damaged from something like that or a fall onto a hard surface.


I wonder if it doesn't have some of the porousness issue. It seems to be inky on the outside but I thought maybe it's just dirty. If it is leeching ink, is there a way to minimize or fix it?


You seem to know a lot about 61s. Thanks for sharing your expertise! Can you identify it further or approximate an age? The cap is brushed chrome. Arrow, band, and clip are gold and the end jewels are a gray color. I've done a little research but I haven't seen one just like it.

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I was given a burgundy custom at age 13 while at school by my late mother. It was 'New, Old Stock (NOS)' and had been lying around in a shop since before decimalisation (pre 15 Feb 1971) and had a price of £6, 6 shillings (£6.30p in decimal) when I was given it in 1978. It was a very early one with metal jewels at each end - of the sort a number of people say came out after 1975. I used it throughout school & University, and for a good few years at work before it completely wore out. All told, I used it as my only pen for 25 years.


For a good heap of info on the Parker 61, take a look at:

http://www.richardspens.com/ref/profiles/61.htm and http://www.parkercollector.com/parker61.html


I reckon it's a late 1960's/early 1970's Burgundy 'Custom'. The 'Custom' had a rolled gold cap and gold plated furniture while the 'Classic' had a stainless steel cap body & chrome plated furniture.





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Thank you for the info! Unfortunately the hood has cracked and I can't afford the necessary repairs. I do love the look of the 61 and I may have a working one of my own someday.




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