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As to shine - the ebonites loose the shine. Some even fade in colour. Manufacturers / sellers even use the cheapest shoe shine liquid to give shine to ebonite FPs.

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I put my savings to test

Lamy & Pilot FPs the Best

No more I even think of the rest

(Preference Fine and Extra Fine Nibs)

Pen is meant for writing - not for looking :-)

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You & me both. How we gonna get it?

ve spoken with sreekumar... he is waiting on rods to arrive....will confirm once they arrive

vaibhav mehandiratta

architect & fountain pen connoisseur


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Hello Mr Sreekumar , I am looking for a medium size eyedropper pen with good feed and medium nib .

Are u having any pens for sale ?

Please revert

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Put me on that list! I love my ebonite pens..... Would love this pen with either a 1.0 stub (if #5.5), or 1.1 stub (if #6).

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