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Missing Piece: Midori Traveler´s Notebook Regular Camel

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I am sold to Midoris (and Field Notes, hard stuff) and own 6 Notebooks now (and one clone). So far, so good. But: I want just one more by heart.


So here is my question, my cry, from the bottom of my heart:


Anyone with a Midori TN Regular 5th Camel willing to sell?


Thanks for reading.


Cheers from Germany


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I don't know anyone who has one for sale, however have you looked at these sites and contacted them for what they might still have?


ebay, Japan Pencils, my maido. Atsuko at Japan Pencils has been very helpful in finding odd and left over stock items for me. my Maido is in a subrurb of San Francisco and have been very helpful, too. Usual disclaimer apply, no affiliation, just a satisfied customer. Jim





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Thorsten... About two months ago I purchased my camel-leather Midori Traveler's Star Edition portfolio (really love it) from Brian Goulet at Goulet Pens in the States. It's an excellent (and friendly) family-run firm. Just checked his website -- gouletpens.com -- and found that they still have it in-stock. It's priced at $56 USD plus shipping. When I purchased I added to my order two or three additional Midori refills and as I recall that didn't add much to shipping. Shipping to Germany may be a different matter, though the Goulet team is good at communicating, so you should be able to quickly determine the total cost.


Cheers! /// Joe

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-- Jack Lemmon


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