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Cartridge Source - Multiple Varieties And Formats


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I have been buying euro/standard cartridges from "majus74" on eBay for years. Several other cartridge sizes/formats are available, so do some exploring on the 'seller's other items' link to find what you need.


The ink is of high quality, fresh, and available in many colours. They say "acid-free", "archive quality". OK. I say "smudge-proof" and "fast drying". Never a disappointment after hundreds of cartridges.


Several other sizes/formats are available, so do some exploring on the 'seller's other items' link.


Each listing typically provides a comprehensive list of compatible pens.

If for no other reason, this provides a comprehensive x-reference for those oft-repeated questions about which cartridge fits which pen.


I have settled on purple (refer to Mr. Ferrari on Wikipedia for an interesting historical tidbit). Rotring, Montblanc, Jinhao, Stypen, etc. My business partner uses the green exclusively and is also extremely satisfied. Montblanc and a few others.


The customer service is excellent. Shipping is fast and secure. I was even asked once regarding the temperature and altitude of the destination so appropriate steps could be taken in preparing the shipment. Never one failure. Totally dependable. Highly recommended.


The cartridges I receive are sourced in Germany. The first several shipments I received in earlier years were shipped from Poland. However, I believe a family member has relocated to the States (evidenced by recent eBay listings). It has been fun to see their business grow.


Price? I think you'll find it satisfactory, to say the least. :)


PS: this listing is for blue but check the other product listings for this vendor to find what you need... or contact them directly.




Again, the vendor is "majus74"


In closing, I find a cartridge system to be preferable when I am carrying my pens. So simple and convenient. My pen case always has a few spares and I have yet to ever run out of ink.


Best regards,


Blah blah no affiliation blah happy customer blah


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Unfortunately, this isn't the appropriate place for this kind of thread. Talking about vendors goes in the Market Watch subforum, this forum is for discussing ink. If you talking specifically about ink-properties, or comparing this seller's ink to other brands, that would be one thing, but this is clearly praising one specific seller and including seller names and links, which should go in Market Watch.


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Feel free to have the post deleted... or moved, if deemed worthy. Apparently I am unable to do so from my end.


Interesting that so many posts in other FPN forums contain reports from satisfied customers (nibs, repairs, spare parts, pen sales, etc.) listing vendors' names.


I could have limited my comments to say


"The ink contained in my standard cartridges is an unbranded ink. Several colours have lived up to the performance expectations for ink sold as 'fresh', 'acid free' and 'archive quality'. I have detected no material properties lacking in the ink as used in several pens including two Montblancs, several Chinese pens of various manufacture, and a treasured vintage Rotring. Send me a personal note if you wish me to reveal the vendor to you."


My only intention was to inform, not offend.

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It is kind of irritating that we can't delete or move our own threads isn't it? Every forum's a little different in what users can do though, so oh well. The admin team is kind of MIA at the moment (no idea why, but that's what Wim said a few days ago), so I don't know when or if this will get moved.


Every forum handles things differently so I was more giving you an FYI. To answer your question about naming sellers, a simple note of 'I used X and it was fine' is generally treated differently here than a lengthy write-up. As far as I can tell, the general rule of thumb seems to be if you're reviewing the seller (buying experience and the seller are a significant portion of the review), put it in Market Watch, if you're reviewing a specific item put it in the review section for that kind of item. Example - if you were doing a review of this ink you'd put that in the ink review subforum, include some pictures or scans of pages written with the ink, and talk a bit more about how it felt to write with the ink, maybe do some water resistance tests, etc. This review is focused on how the seller provides good service and products, so it's a seller review that goes into Market Watch.

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