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Some More Stories( And Models)


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Hi friends,

Pen makers experiences and stories I find always interesting. When ever I go to Calicut town, I have a tendency to go to Kim and Co and Krishna to see what all are happening there. As the shops are always busy, I stick up there either buying some pens, or as a silent bystander or if lucky I can find some senior pen collectors and share their experiences.

One fine morning, as usual I found myself ended at Kim shop. Asked for any new model pen, one man in the shop ( around 25 years old) say to my surprise say yes. Delighted! New model! Then one customer comes to the shop with a Kim Big pen, says

this is not writing properly ( I think he have bought it recently)

Shop man takes the pen and writes it. I stood there , silently observing both customer and the shopman.

To his and my surprise, the pen is writing with a beautiful fine line!

sir, this has no problem

no, I like to write it thicker ( it seems he dont know the word medium,calligraphy etc)

Now the man goes inside. After 5 or ten minutes he comes back with the pen. Now its writing in a thicker line.

Still our customer not happy.

this is not the real way he says.

Shop man asks are you an artist?


pen is for drawing?

both writing and drawing

Now he goes inside and comes back in 10 or 15 minutes. And pen writing with a good line variation and have more flow also. A calligraphy nib! This is what exactly I want! He Exclaimed . Another happy ending story!

Coming to the second part of the story,

Of the many prototype models made in the workshop of Kim pens, only very few models hit the market after extensive testing . Even after that, if response from people is negative, they are stopped very soon.

So what was that new modeloffered to me?.

After successful completion of many years of production, Kim now feels that its time for its Small pen to retire and replaced by another model. I think now people prefer bigger pens. The New Small is dimensionally equal to Small, but looks and feels bigger. I think Small should be compared to Sachin Tendulkar, as both are retiring at the same time after many years of service!


20131109_170300 by mohancv, on Flickr

THE NEW MODEL PEN FROM KIM. They are planning for yellow, lighter green, pink, black, rippled green finishes for this.


Coming to the third part of the story,


20131109_221144 by mohancv, on Flickr


This Lady pen is an answer to Kims own Lady pen of the past. Made by Sreekumar, the student of veteran pen maker Ramachandran, this pen do not go to production if I assume right.


20131109_221551 by mohancv, on Flickr


This is a small pen, well suited to small purses of ladies and is clipless.

An eyedropper, and made of ebonite. ( earlier Lady pens were made of Celuloid).Cap opens in less than a turn.



20131109_221438 by mohancv, on Flickr

Ink capacity only less than 1cc. May be due to its small size, or may be to reduce burping?


20131109_221456 by mohancv, on Flickr



20131109_221528 by mohancv, on Flickr


Nib is RITE SHARP, Made in Japan.( As far as I know, Ritesharp was an Indian Pen Maker, yet the nib does nt look Indian).


20131109_221725 by mohancv, on Flickr



This is a phone conversation with me-

why you want this? This is scrap( he have already sold me some antique Kim Lady pens)

my wifes birthday, this should be my gift

but its not finished

I have no problem..I want a medium nib

Medium? NoNonsense Nib, Wearever Nib,. both costs 150rs

That I already have..

Townsend Nib is there costs 800rs

.... is it too much?

( after few more discussions, I settled for a Ritesharp Japan nib for a 100 rs).

After 2 days, I got this pen. One more happy ending story!

Thanks for reading,





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Nice story Mohan.


The pen photos along with a beautiful story makes me visit your threads multiple times :)


Kim Lady is gorgeous, a wonderful gift for your wife. Wish they brought this model into production.

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A pen went to scrap means it is rejected as a mainstream model.But it also means better model is in line!


Curious to know which model is going to replace or already replaced this one..

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Wow, that's a real nice story and beautiful bunch of pens. I seriously stand corrected Mohanji.


And funny thing, only couple of days back I stumbled onto a eBay listing for KIM NOVA pen sold by a 'krishnapen'. He was new seller, joined only this month, with zero reviews. Is this, by any, chance the same Kim & Co you're talking about? The pen is on my watchlist and I think I'll go ahead and order it. And I shall head straight to Kim&Co next time i'm in Calicut.

Plastic man got no brain,
Plastic man don't feel no pain,
Plastic people look the same, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Just confirmed with the seller. It is the Krishna Pens and the Sreekumar you mentioned. I have placed the order for the pen and he has offered to grind it for my hand. Of course, I will pay a visit to these shops when my job permits and get a couple more.



Plastic man got no brain,
Plastic man don't feel no pain,
Plastic people look the same, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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In my experience, you will get at cheapest rate when you directly purchase from shop.

They can take phone orders also.Specify what kind of nib you want. But phone orders run costlier than direct purchase!

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This and the companion post on the pen history are a fascinating read. With grandchildren whose middle names are Krishna and Ramichandran I am trying to purchase an ebonite pen, eye-dropper, turned by Mr Ramichandran. The style is black and very Bauhaus! And indeed the ebay site is kirishna pens and the representative at the other end is mr Sreekumar.


I suddenly realize I am dealing with history! If I am successful in purchasing the model ACR Kim Evolution, I will follow up!


I have been unimpressed with the current quality of Indian offerings. I think that this pen will change my mind!!

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  • 1 year later...

Hi Mohan, thanks for the fabulous review

Please let me know the contact details of Krishna pens

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