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Hero 9018 Fude, Nos Rotring Ink, Quick Impressions

Sailor Kenshin

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As stated in my siggy line, I collect fude-nibbed fountain pens, so when I learned of this model I was eager to try it. And as I had also found one of my first (long-gone) inks ever, I was really set to go.






This is a fat, thick and heavy pen, and its plastic section has some texture, which makes holding it somewhat easier.


As noted, the pen is back-heavy when posted. But it's still writing! I don't know whether it's the massive fins on the feed or because the section spent some time sitting in the bottle soaking up ink before I fished it out and stuck in a partly-loaded cart.


Both pen and ink are from fleabay. The pen came from China quicker than the ink came from England, lol.


Any other fude fans out there?

My other pen is a Montblanc and...


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I wouldn't go so far as claiming to be a fude fan, but I have a few, and they're interesting to play with. Recently I realized that the Camlin SD that was part of a group buy earlier this year has a sort of fude nib, although the forward bended part is much smaller in relation to the rest of the nib than in the case of a true fude nib. This makes for an interesting writing experience, where you hold the nib in a standard position and still get some, very subtle, line variation. Or so it seems to me. It is very subtle but you do feel it. (Or at least I do). I tried replicating this with a nib that is a bit too fine for my taste, and slightly bent the tip of the nib forward a bit. That one too gives me the subtle line variation when I write in just one attitude.

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I'd read a blog post by Ed Jelley about this pen, and had my finger hovering over the buy button (it's only £5.50 English money (p&p free), but of my last five Hero's, four have needed so much work to even get them usable that I hesitated, searched around and found....


A Sailor Profit fude nibbed pen @ £9 with free postage (Engeika) - the body is cheapo plastico with golden lettering, but the nib writes like a dream. There are two angles to choose from, the normal 55 degree and a 40 degree pen (my choice). It's really nice to mess around with different writing styles, just by tilting the nib in a certain direction.

Upside down it provides the finest lines I've ever produced on paper - I love it!


A thing to look out for is that nib style - as Richard has mentioned, it's normally called a calligraphy nib mostly, and Fude is just creeping in. The first Fude pen I bought actually was a real Fude pen, which is in fact a brush.


Re the ink mentioned by Sailor K above - If anyone is interested, a UK fleabay seller pilotfishpens (absolutely no affiliation) is currently selling his stock of NOS Rotring Brilliant Ultramarine ink at the knockdown price of 2 bottles for $6.55 (30m complete with retro box and label) - when they've gone they've gone.

It's a really really vivid blue ink, too bright for me, but I've still bought two bottles just in case I'm hit by a bolt of conservative ink lightning later on down the line.

Thanks for the post SK.

I might be old, but at least I got to see all the best Bands.

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SK why oh why oh why did you have to mention the 193?

I've just found one on eeeebee and bought it immediately. This is not a good afternoon! ;-)

I might be old, but at least I got to see all the best Bands.

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I've just got a Hero 2088 (or that's what's written on the cap). I was looking for flex nibs and this claimed to be one. The full fleabay name was HERO Senior Collection Golden & Black Famous Style Flex Medium Nib Fountain Pen. By the time I had worked out that it wasn't one, I decided to order it anyway to give it a try.


It's fun to write with. I may try a review a little later.

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