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Classifieds And Adherence To The Classifieds Rules

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Classifieds Announcement

It has now been a few months since FPN introduced the new Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond Premier Accounts. Since then we have been monitoring how these new rules have played out, and more than once we have tweaked the language—not only to make sure we are clear, but also to balance the rights of our Gold Members and the new benefits of our Premium Account holders.

As a result we have done a minor revision of the rules. Note that we will edit or remove classifieds that are not in compliance with immediate effect. We already did make an announcement to this effect, but the grace period has definitely ended now.

This revision does not change any rules, but attempts to make them more clear. You can read the rules, in their entirety, here. A quick summary follows.

1. Limits on posting in the Classifieds:

How often you can post in the classifieds is determined by your member group.

Bronze & Silver Gold Ruby Emerald Diamond

Max/Week 3

Max/Month — 20 60 120

Max/Year 24

Max/Listing 3 5 5 5


Note about Multiple Pens/Listing:

For this example, let’s assume you’re a Gold member and you post an ad for 3 pens in 1 classified listing. This counts as all 3 of your ads per week. You cannot post 9 items in a single week by posting 3 ads with 3 pens each. Every item listed counts against your weekly/monthly/yearly total. And all items listed count agianst your yearly maximum, which is a year from your first classified.


Mods will remove ads they find to be in violation of these limits.

2. Unified Price Rule: The price listed on your ad must be a single price for everything listed in the ad. You can ALSO list individual prices. If you aren’t willing to sell everything in the ad together, then break it up into multiple listings, in the item description itself.

If Mods find classifieds that break this rule, they have the right to alter the listing price or remove the ad (at their discretion). Sellers who repeatedly break this rule, will receive warnings.

3. Payment Rules: Accepted payment types should be listed in the ad. If Paypal is accepted, the seller cannot require the buyer to pay the extra Paypal fees, nor can the seller ask for a “Personal Payment.”

Mods will remove ads they find to be in violation of this rule.



We will try and make the rules more clear if and when required, so they are not fixed, but may change every so often, although generally only with altered wording. You may also find the rules and guidelines for Classifieds, as well as all other rules and guidelines in the dropdwon menu at the top of the board, in the section "Rules & Guidelines".


Thank you for listening!


Warm regards, Wim

on behalf of

The FPN Moderator and Admin Team


P.S.: You may find a copy of this message in the Community Feedback forum, for discussion, just follow the link.

the Mad Dutchman
laugh a little, love a little, live a lot; laugh a lot, love a lot, live forever

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