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A while back I purchased a bottle of J. Herbin pen cleaner (Nettoyant pour stylo) from La Couronne du Comte and I just got a chance to try it out (on the MB I posted about in this thread.


Anyhow, I don't have any huge revelations to impart or anything, but it is a very pleasant to use product and seems eminently suited to its stated purpose. It cleaned the pen pictured in the other thread well (as far as I can see... I'm sure there's lingering dried on ink in the works). It has a very pleasant orange-peel scent that reminds me quite a lot of those orange oil cleaners and 'goo/stain removers' you can buy at the big box stores.


The bottle is 50ml and has instructions in French, German and English. RRP from La Couronne du Comte was € 5,95. I don't know if it'll be a regular staple for me, but as a one off and for special situations, it certainly makes a nice change from dish soap + ammonia.



Pictures below (sorry, my phone was handy)...






Warm regards from cold wet autumn-y Norway B)






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I am not sure that it is functionally any better than the ammonia solution but the thing about the orange scent sounds great (I get my soaps, creams and so on from Harris in London for the same stupid reason). :)

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