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I recently got a leather notebook cover from Ms. Rhona Carantes. She makes pen cases and recently branched out to notebook covers - a far-easier task for her. What makes her work distinctive is that she hand-paints on her leather products.


I requested her to splash the Milky Way galaxy on my cover. And she carried it out with aplomb!





Front and Back Cover View:





This cover has the same dimensions as that of the Midori Traveler's Notebook. I used A4 paper, trimmed 77 mm off on one end, folded it, and inserted it into one of the elastic binders. Perfect fit.




It's the perfect size for tucking in envelopes, so I use it to keep track of correspondences.


The painted planets have a tactile feel, and so far, it is aging well... no flaking of the paint, even if the cover is malleable. The inside cover is somewhat finished, too... the suede portion is smoothened out and is of a dark blue with different shades.


This is a notebook that encourages dreaming!


Usual disclosures, no affiliation, just a satisfied customer.


I ordered the notebook by communicating with her through her FB page. The collaborative creative process was fun! I wanted ET on one corner, but that realization came a little too late.


Her FB page (but you have to be signed in on Facebook for this link to work): Rhona Carantes on Facebook


... and a review of her fantastic painted artwork on clocks, from "Rhome", a member on LeatherWorker.net:




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very smart looking cover. Enjoy it. I'm very interested in seeing how it ages and develops its patina. Please keep us posted as you continue to use and make this cover yours.

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